We are particularly concerned with building in a way that reveals not only the intrinsic qualities of a particular place, but also one that engages directly with its particular context. The following aspirations will inform our design proposals:

Building beyond the functional requirements
By thinking of the design in a way that goes beyond just fulfilling formal requirements, opportunities are created to introduce informal and incidental spatial opportunities into the architecture.

Making connections
A successful design relies upon the strength of its relationships and connections; the interactions between people and place. Architecture can play an important role by exploring ways of revealing and strengthening these subtle relationships. Our aim will be to develop an architecture of multiple connections between the visual, physical and atmospheric characteristics of the site.

Engaging with exterior
The exterior spaces are the first points of interaction with the visitor; they form the welcome and invitation into the building. Because of this the thresholds become critical to a successful design. Not just the physical points of entry and exit but also the invisible lines and boundaries that define territories and shape the journey from outside to in. By considering carefully the many different thresholds within the project the resulting architecture will be characterised by a series of subtly defined spaces which flow effortlessly between interior and exterior, giving the architecture an open and welcoming feeling to its users.

We have long sought to make the best use of natural and man made resources in our work and this search has become an integral part of our design philosophy. Our aim is always to make the best use of natural resources to create appropriate conditions for the users within the constraints imposed by the construction budget.